First Entry Whisper of LOVE blog

March 11, 2013
This past weekend I received an email from an Inspiration in my life…This Angel of the brotherhood said I have a “creative writing style” and presented something I have been considering through the Moons and Suns of Ancient past…okay years”Maybe blog?” I have resisted this for years being I AM writing my book…plus with the up keep of other social media sights and my  website …UGH…it can be very overwhelming and such a juggling act. Facebook really has been the place I have utilized as a blog and yes that meant my “status updates” were sometimes lllllooooonnnnnnggggg. Which then creates a situation for the individuals who chose to receive a notification every time I posted and I posted a lot…So there where a lot of chimes going off. LMAO.

So being this Angel, a person who is an Inspiration, a teacher, a mentor, someone I respect beyond words and One that is a Soul/Spirit/Human, I consider a friend, I decided it was time to blog! So let’s see how this goes. I have decided to have this space where Thee can get glimpses……a preview into what my book, Whisper of LOVE is about. Thank You, Angel Brotherhood for being the GIFT of YOU! I love you!

© Daved Beck, 2013

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