Whisper From Back in the Day

So for a couple of years I have been wanting to go hear someone from ancient moons and suns of long ago sing in a piano lounge. This person was a very dear friend of mine, who I loved very deeply, back in the day ( over 20 years ago). The last time we had seen each other, well let’s say our relationship had ended.

After years of not seeing or speaking to each other I had found him on myspace and learned he released his first cd Homegrown and I  purchased it.  I began choreographing to the track Find You Again on my dance students.The lyrics Inspired me to channel the emotions of how and when I found my brother after fourteen years of being separated.

Another year or so went by and then came facebook where I happened to find him again and we became “friends”. Here I would learn he had two more albums, so I immediately emailed him to inquire how to purchase them and finally asked if he would be comfortable with me coming to hear him sing sometime.

He replied “No, it absolutely would not make me uncomfortable. It would be nice to see you.”

As I waited for the discs to arrive in the mail, I felt relieved that there was no animosity between us, at least what I could “read” in the energy of the emails back and forth between us.

I also became inspired to ask him if he would be willing to sing for me at one of my events that I have coming up. He agreed! WHAT? Really????? I could not believe that a vision/dream I had over 20 years ago could possibly come to be.

Now I just needed my ankle to get out of the cast and of my crutches so I could go and see him. A friend of mine who also knew us way back in the day also stated they would like to go with me.

So this past Friday I decided I wanted to go I was very excited and a bit nervous because my one friend was unable to go and I just knew with all of me I had to go even if it meant alone. I then realized another friend of mine lives very close to the establishment so I called her up and invited her and she accepted. This was even cooler because we have known each other for 24 or 25 years, we have worked and performed on many of stages together however we had never been out socially just her and I. This was going to be awesome!!!

As we arrived, she had found me a parking space right at the corner as so I could easily get to the door, today was the first day I went fully without my crutches. Then she found a parking space for her vehicle not to far away either. The hostess seated us of to the side about 5 feet from the piano, we wondered if I should let him know if I was there or if I should wait to see if he noticed me? We pondered and pondered….I thought may if I let him know ahead of time, it could possibly make him nervous. Then I thought if he noticed me while he was singing that could make him nervous. Then I remembered he was having some sinus challenges and thought maybe he didn’t come to work tonight.  I didn’t know what to do. The waiter arrived, we ordered our glasses of wine and I asked. Is John here? He replied “yes, he’s right over there” as he turns to point back by the entrance through the crowd of people and says “well he’s somewhere in here. Do you want me to tell him you’re here?” I replied Yes, please and thank you.

As he walked up to the piano and started to set up, I noticed how he was not looking in our direction so my fears started taking over. I did not want him to be uncomfortable that was not my intention. What was I going to do? I thought to myself I emailed him the other night asking if he was singing tonight so I gave him kind of a heads up I might be coming. I needed to stop spinning, relax and do what I came here to do….Hear him sing and spend some time with my friend, enjoying an evening out.

As he was singing, his live performance was just as I had remembered even though he was singing some newer hits……. One of which was Need You Now by Lady Antebellum this was bring tears to my eyes because that song has some special meaning for me (more about that another time).

Well the time had come where I wanted to request a song and my friend told me “you’re taking it up there.” UGH really, I’ve got to limp up there if I want to request a song. Well I did and as I put the request and tip on the piano he looked at me and smiled as he continued singing.

When he opened my request he stated how he “never gets requests like this and loves it.” The song I requested was Anita Baker’s Giving You the Best That I Got. And just as I remembered he sang with just as much Soul as he did back then, I could literally see him glowing!

After I witnessed his energy lift even more than it already was, I wanted to request a Mary J Blige song but I could not remember which one was the one I loved the most when he sang it. So I requested Real Love when he opened it he asked “Who’s the Mary J Blige fan? Because I am loving this” as he looked over in our direction and we were both pointing to me. He then giggled and asked “Do you mind if I sing  Love No Limit?” I said that’s the one and yes, please.

My nerves had finally calmed down and then he took his first break of the evening and came over to us with a big smile and open arms. We hugged, chatted for a few and then asked if he could buy us a shot.

He then went back to his performance and we ordered my favorite pizza……..Margarita and I requested two more songs, his original Find You Again, that he will be singing for my gallery event for the Whole Life Expo June 2, 2013 at 11:am…I HOPE you can be there!!!

When he finished he came back to the table with three more shots, we drank them and my friend decided to take off. We stayed a bit longer just chatting and catching up a bit.

We have both evolved over the years and I am grateful we are now in a place where we can say we are friends. He has and will always have a special place in my heart in that in which is this Whisper of LOVE.

Listen to John’s interview on Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb

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