Within a whisper so deep

In the chatter of One’s mind, voices speak “I’m damned if I do…..I’m damned if I don’t”

What are these thoughts?!?! These are not mine to own….these ties that have bond through the Ancient Moons and Suns have called to be transformed in LOVE within this very night.

To some I seem desperate…to some I seem needy…to some I seem inspiring….to some I seem too much….to some I seem closed…..to some I seem too open….to me I AM just ME…LOVE that came here to BE.

That very eve. One damned for not speaking truth for a contract had been signed. To One as for ALL this contract IS of Sacred so One not be foresaken.

Who was mistaken?

Who was One to honor?

Was it he, she, thee or me?

For me it was within integrity to never speak a name that entrusted me to hold an, oh so sacred space.

Through this year I have released oh so many tears for I tried to not doubt what I knew inside.

I believed I was doing good….I believed One to be true through the doubts I promised thee to never ever ever ever LOVE that way again.

One may have believed the words spoke oh so long ago would have been a curse on to me. As I know the power within….the great and powerful destiny…..this was my  AWAKENING!

Through the times that were set in stone…for this is what Soul/Spirit knows….what was done is done…..these are the scattered memories laying across the floor.

I miss your eyes.

I miss your kiss.

I miss the arms that held me that One very morning.

And I can still feel the lies upon me.

ALL is a reflection of that I see, this I know to BE.

I have yearned and wished for those words to be spoken, to only keep me from the key that can set me free.

So this my friend has me LOVE deeper and deeper into thee in that I SEE ME.

Within this whisper held so dear, I hope you know with ALL of thee through the suns and moons creating eternity, that I love you in Namaste as I continue to forgive me. © – Daved Beck, 2013

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