Frustration in Communication

Well that was a fantastic idea…SERIOUSLY…I had the two computers communicating for a little while….the printer use to be connected…so I could print and compare and UGH….seriously just REALLY?!?!? So then I’ll just look between the documents on both computers……and UGH that ends up confusing me……..I get so far and then I know I need to back off and take a break and embrace patience and breathe…. and then I come back and I get further and then UGH….I have been working on this for years, months and days and COME ON ALREADY….I just want to be able to complete this so I can move further….Universe, I hear you and now I am just going to just go sit and cry because I just….UGH

I asked the question….I found the answer…it worked….and now it’s not!


By Daved Beck - Evolution The Next Level Posted in Uncategorized

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