The child

I have been writing and creating…… allowing creativity to flow and I AM craving chocolate so freaking much right now…..I WANT SOME chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies….either way my emotions are in overload in my pregnancy of creativity…..Yes, a man and pregnant whisper says….an example  of immaculate conception.

I have been having fun with just One kinda Spirit lately….Let’s not discuss that because I get a little frustrated…..I know One can relate.

What to do…..what to do….I will sit here and stew as I am choosing not go to the store. And yes, being the life coach I AM, I  ponder how to massage out this emotional knot I have kept choosing to live in.  oi why did I choose to be that boy…as I whisper in the doing of my Soul/Spirit/Human creativity.

I have come so far and worked through doubt and many times come to the place of rejection in my face.

I held One so dear IN LOVE this I know crystal clear.

The child came to love and knew not of right or wrong. For all one wanted was to be hugged and then was touched.

What felt so good, tainted One so pure and  traveled through what seemed liked ” hell”  through the Sacred Moons and Suns of Ancient past.  Always in forgiveness that not be mistaken this boy grew to BE a glorious LIGHT in LOVE of ALL of Thee, so mote it BE in truth of me.

The memory of holding One in my arms a reflection I saw as One’s eyes glared out the window in fears demise.

I loved One oh so within  curiosity that inspired me.

The child  in the mirror cookie in hand who cries from all the lies is a reflection of what was once me.

©Daved Beck, 2013



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