Three Equals One

Human, Spirit and Soul. One in the same…each unique in ALL through sum of One. Jack to ALL…. master of none…..King and Queen of One through ALL to BE ONE in the sum of LOVE.

One and One create

man and man, both alike to LOVE

always in and of light.

Woman and woman, both alike to LOVE

Always in and of light.

LOVE is not to judge for One that does will BE the One in knots. Knots done by none outside of what can be seen. For what is unseen is within he and she of everything.

What do I believe I can’t do?

What do I believe I don’t have?

What am I not loving these days?

What does love look like?

Loving thoughts….

Loving words…

Loving actions…

All energy that comes from One into ALL!

Massage the knots out to BE in the flow.



We DO!


Define LOVE a little deeper today and maybe just maybe the World WILL become ALL it is meant to BE.

All because  the Gift of Acceptance that is indeed the LOVE of You decided to BE.

© Daved Beck




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