Now it’s time to get caught up on sending session audio’s out…I am a little behind…oh look at that I am judging myself again…..because truth in my knowing is the message always arrives in the GIFT….ALWAYS on time never too late just don’t hesitate. Yes, I work for ALL while I teach and learn how to Accept support in MY knowing WE are not alone. And Yes, I stand in Integrity that I have responsibilities. I apologize and I ALWAYS express gratitude……… Some say and think “too much”…Some say and think “not enough”….there’s only One judge and that comes from within. There is not One person in my life that I have never said thank you too…What is interesting, I do know many who do not…..So I ponder who I may have not through out the moons and suns of Ancient Times past. Embrace the GIFTS in Acceptance in Gratitude for this LIFE is for he, she and thee. The CREATION of NOW! So mote it BE I LOVE YOU through these whispers that will carry throughout eternity, always IN-LOVE…Yes, One may believe this message is for One….It’s is and it is for him…him….her….she…..and Thee…

The state of Awareness within One’s OWN Karmic Integrity.

Yes, I work for ALL while I teach and learn how to Accept support in MY knowing WE are not alone.

And Yes, rather than typing these whispers of LOVE right now in this moment I could be sending out the audios and double checking who I did send to….Because yes, I am having a challenge in the balancing accept of my responsibilities in my calling.

Oh and I also have on my agenda to call my website provider to pay my monthly dues…or to make the choice of no longer utilizing their website builder…Yes, I also create and design my own website and schedule my own bookings…I recently within the past year began accepting help in the aspect of locating places for the Whisper of LOVE Experience.

I have always been my own manager and agent. I also have been managed for that was the only way I could learn to become the manager of my OWN time. I searched for and embraced the opportunities to teach dance and choreograph since I began.
I rarely had a substitute teacher or canceled, only in extreme weather or illness.

I was a sales associate, then a key holder, then a manager and then a district manager for a chain of “Adult Intimate Apparel, Novelties and GIFTS, during those years there were four in Chicago, now there are several.
I was a box office ticket agent for a theater. I was an office coordinator for a bookstore, keeping track of sales and money and inventory of books. I was a barista and a cashier….I was a stock boy and cashier when I was twelve-fifteen years old and I made $2.00 an hour. In my late teens I was a “cocktail boy” for a gay bar which then led to me being a stripper for awhile. I only ever stripped down to my G-string, which was no different than a dance belt (an article of clothing that a male dancer wears, so nothing bounces around) I never found a dance belt to be comfortable.

Now I fully work for myself…my own business while truly really working for YOU and with YOU.

You maybe asking yourself or another “Why are you telling us this? What’s your point?”

To share that through our time what we do becomes a pattern. A pattern creates skills. Skills we utilize through out our life. During the times when we begin to doubt ourselves and possibly put experiences off that we know bring us joy, happiness and abundance…..We get to recognize and embrace the whispers of LOVE within the time of One.

In the past several weeks I have experienced more clients and friends coming to me through emails and calls expressing…..”OMG….This just happened, you called it.” “Oh I remember the initials and I remember the name…How could I have forgotten.” “…….just contacted me….Thank you so much, you have no idea how you have helped me. Well Yeah you probably do.”

I do appreciate when someone is willing to share what they have embraced as they continue to evolve through their own work.

Okay, I must sign off for now…I am going to send the audios off and call the website.

Feel free to email or comment below…if the whispers of LOVE above have touched you.

Until we connect again, always know you are LOVED!!!

© Daved Beck, 2013

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