A Vow Whisper Bestow

People close to me know I LOVE with ALL of me…I forever AM grateful for each and everyone of thee as I share ALL I came to BE….There are many and so few that are TRUE….You know who you are, if this whisper touches your very OWN heart. Some have moved on….others have stayed….few have blocked…..some know, I wear my head cocked with a certain grin…..each and every One of YOU when I said I LOVE YOU….know I WILL continue through and through…in this I do….I do…there are no mistakes in life’s boo boos, don’t hesitate….for the GIFT co-created this very day….we just had some bumps along the journey. Forever in my heart prosperity IN LOVE bestow upon you. Accept LOVE though integrity is a promise of so mote it BE, the spell was cast One very day. Don’t dismay Peace comes in wing of dove the very night One IS in sight there is no fright. I LOVE to the moon and back times three each and every day manifesting along life’s eternity.

© Daved Beck, 2013




By Daved Beck - Evolution The Next Level Posted in Uncategorized

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