All time is of LOVE

I’ve fought and I fought…trying and trying…..I have been accountable….I have been innovative….I have transformed boundaries…..I’ve given …I accepted….I’ve supported….I’ve asked….I’ve surrendered….I’ve been patient….I’ve been forceful…I’ve backed off….I walked side by side…I’ve observed…I’ve listened….I’ve spoken up….I’ve sat…I moved…I’ve hated….I’ve cried…I’ve laughed….for it all to be coming to this place?!?!

I hung on for life to only be called to let go.

I know time heals and ALL time is of LOVE.

I AM lost in the knowing ALL I see is yet a reflection in what has come to BE.

From this place ALL LOVE sent forth through time and space. Visions of prosperity behold within Unity the story WILL unfold. Hand and Hand within Soul/Spirit/Human we feel the breeze upon our cheek. Pictures of he, she and thee for ALL to SEE, this LOVE that is within side co-created within blessings of So mote it BE.

©Daved Beck – Whisper of LOVE, 2013




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