Today is the third…not the easiest of nor the hardest of yet ALL in ALL…Today is the third.

A day that is in some form a celebration within the vast of what is missing.

Within lack of kiss I am suppose to believe there is much more than this than there was that.

I travel through the past as I could not bare to experience One pack.

Today I see all that was left to embrace an energy of attack within the LOVE that somehow was left for me to untangle.

All alone resisting the energy to run out and mingle.

I loved you and loved you and loved you. To only learn it was to hard.

I worked so hard to “not” do what was done unto One oh so long ago. To come to a place and seem like damage was left in the none of  all that was allowed to unfold in acceptance of One.

Be in the flow One whispers in that which lingers.

“You don’t deserve to live the good life” of mind feeling a burning  way down deep inside. This is not me that speaks of thee in such a way for how could I have been “bad” that very day?!?

If ALL is good why does it hurt so bad?

Pushed away One in the ALL of none for there was really nothing to be undone.

For this was created in the sum of three in that which equals the One, that is me.

Always in threes is this theme of synchronicity. Why would I follow the signs when they sometimes lead me to cry?

As I embrace within ALL of me, if it where not for the signs I would not have been able to say on this very day….That I LOVE YOU just as I did that very day that is coming close that I use to “try” to celebrate.

I use to give my all until I began to witness within the experience of denies.

I was inspired to give in and give up when I seemed to give my all and that still was “not good enough.”

I began to see what was done unto me I began doing onto you, this burned so very much inside. I did my best to never get as far as One once did yet it still hurt none the less.

As much as I “tried” to not beat anybody up inside…my insecurities came out oh so subtly…

My quest many many moons and suns of long ago maybe even before I connected with you.

Was to never ever ever LOVE another in that way.

You may have or may have not experienced the experiences I have lived…God/Goddess for many of you I know you didn’t because you have expressed after even witnessing some abuse in which I faced…”How could you be so “normal” after ALL you have been through.” many have even express that I am weird and yes, the life in which I lived and the signs in the sky to some are “labeled/judged” in such away, for I know I still do even on this day of three.

I see the signs and visions have come to be in that I did foresee within ALL that I am unable to see.

There is always the unknown in the choice of OWN will.

I AM learning how to LOVE me as much as I can teach myself the right way for me.

I believe the same for he, she and thee as we see how things happen in threes.

So on this day that marks a day of experiences “seemed” misled.

I honor the years of LOVE carried through ALL of those years.

For what was LOVE to me may not be LOVE to thee yet I know somewhere deep down YOU did LOVE ME.

Now it’s time to LOVE me for as we walk on our separate journey’s.

I may not know ALL what the future holds for many…Or do I?!?!?

One fact for certain I embrace within such Sacred Grace.

This message One may feel is for One and Yes for he and she in the ALL of many.

For this comes from only my experience and I choose to honor integrity.

Never far apart for LOVE for and of  you IS always carried within One Sacred Heart. We are family within our OWN Soul/Spirit/Human contract of LOVE that co-created this very day. I love you through the Suns and Moons co-creating So Mote BE in possibilities that come to BE.

©Daved beck Whisper of LOVE, 2013

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