Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…FULL MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I CAN”T WAIT….It is going to be an emotional and LOVE filled day…One that I have dreamed/visioned/prayed for since 1985 and then in 2007 when mom passed I prayed/dreamed and visioned even more with ALL the LOVE within me…Three unite for the first time in their lives…One 39, One 29 and One 28. This day IS like no other….for on this day only three can come together arm and arm. hand in hand. heart to heart. Each for One and to BE One in honor and healing within One. A womb of LOVE fed with hate created three carrying until a date. To most they carried upon their sleeves for ALL to see. Within a chest One carries what WILL lift…the bars and chains WILL transform into bliss. Began with One and continued in two. Then came three for One in ALL to BE FREE.

©  Whisper of LOVE Daved Beck 1983-2013

By Daved Beck - Evolution The Next Level Posted in Uncategorized

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