2 comments on “The Power of Three

  1. Great video – I’m so glad you shared something so raw, showing you are human and sharing a piece of you that couldn’t be conveyed in written words. Looking forward to the follow up story!

  2. Hello Daved!! Its been quite a long time since we last seen each other which was when I worked with you at the Dance Center in Lombard and you taught my daughter hip hop there as well and she was loving your class as well as you. It was so hard for me to believe what I heard from you in your video that had happen to you and was absolutely amazed by it because I would never have thought that about you when I first met you and seeing the happy, loveable, sweet person you are and your kindness and compassion to others that you give so willingly and that I could hardly fathom you going through what you did. I mean I was completely shocked when I found out about your sexuality all those years ago and reason being is that you are such a handsome man and to think that no woman would ever get to experience your love, warmth, and compassion as their significant other was beyond belief but getting to know you as I did, I can honestly say I wouldn’t want anything to change about you and your video was awesome and I wish my daughter, Dina Marie, could have continued to learn from you through dance all those years ago because she thoroughly enjoyed it and missed it terribly. She is now 16 yrs old and still remembers you fondly as well as her father and I and wish all the best for you in your future endeavors and we follow you as much as possible. We wish we could afford a reading from you as well as lessons from you because we believe it would be amazing and helpful to our life but unfortunately the economy prevails us from doing so. Again, Daved, great video and hope your future remains successful and bright. Yours Truly, Tammy Bonacci

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