No more gloom

Oh somehow I need to focus my energy…the stress, anxiety, worry…the
fear…..I am feeling is not going to help transform this situation. Now is the time to embrace my whole Spiritual BEING…because right now being human and having images of life without ….well I know powerful focusin on a vision can be….

I call upon the Powers that BE within ALL of she, he, thee and me.

No more stress that does compress.

No more doubt for that creates a drought.

No more disguise for that is a lie. No more room for this here gloom.

So I visualize and ask within my Spirit/Soul/Human commitment to focus on
only Peace, LOVE and Healing in whatever way needs to BE…from this
very day….No more ultimate test for I WILL MY BEST from within this
very sacred chest. So mote it BE this times three my LOVE for he, she
and thee carries forth co-creating eternity. Thank you and I love you
more and more the deeper within you’ll always know.

© Daved Beck, Whisper of LOVE 2013

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