Dance and Choreography

The Secrets within One Masterpiece 2002

The Chicago debut of Evolution

My favorite section in this piece is a four count…which speaks the integrity of me. Are you able to locate this section in which I speak?

This piece was choreographed during a time there were many whispers that I blessed to embrace. Many were challenging and opened my eyes to lies that “tried” to disguise. I followed my heart to see that there were many who could not be trusted. I worked through the pains in the way I heal within the power of forgiveness and created this master piece.

The title was created within the Inspiration of sitting in the kitchen in communication filled with laughs and glee. In my usual way I found a creative way of calling myself and another out. And said No not Me No. and there is how a name came to be. A label placed in grace that now resides in this very Sacred Place.

On the evening we performed there was a section pools of light were going to flash…Well talk about unexpected and not planned for…for about 15-16 seconds there were no lights on the stage. During this time I had choreographed me flipping my partner over my shoulder and spinning around while I had choreographed my brother to be flipping and all sorts of chaos…. I can remember is whispering in her ear a few seconds before it happening….don’t do the flip and then I began praying please turn on the lights the break out is coming.

Thank God/Goddess…And I believe we did a fantabulous job.

This is also the 1st logo my brother drew for me. Inspired from a photo of me and what we loved doing.

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In this video there are students, family, teachers and friends that I have been blessed to have danced with along my journey who I WILL continue to LOVE through eternity.

I love you ALL for the GIFT of Thee and ALL, you have given to ME.

Thank you for this dance, that I AM.

And thank you Whitney Houston for sharing the Angel of LOVE that you came here to BE.

© Daved Beck, 2002

Daved Beck on YouTube

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