Sound of infelection a reflection from within a whisper of LOVE to thee, she, he and me.

If I were to follow the instructions of teacher’s past and sound it out. The sound within comes out as luz…….If I follow the beliefs of teacher’s past and even in the present the spelling is lose. Who wins? What’s to gain in the separation of inflections?

If I were to follow the instructions of sounding it out it…the sound that comes from within is lus…If I follow the beliefs the spelling would be loose. Where are we tight? What happens if we loosen up? Then we judge that we are lus!

How do we determine what is right and what is wrong for ourselves when we are so busy determining for others?

All of us! Each and every single person on this planet and maybe even the planets out there are One Being! I see each of us and everything as nothing less than LOVE.

I believe we each came here to give and receive LOVE!

We weren’t put on this planet alone! I am not the only person here on this planet! And this life I live is definitely “not all about me,”

While simultaneously each of us are One person in our OWN lives.

Each life IS ALL about YOU!

His life is ALL about HIM!

Her life is ALL about HER!

My life is ALL about ME!

Together and apart LIFE IS ALL about US!


To move through what sounds and looks One way, is to feel someway.

How does LOVE feel?

What does LOVE see?

What does LOVE think?

Is LOVE slamming of doors?

Is LOVE calling someone a name that to many would be considered/judged “in vain”?

Is LOVE sitting in silence not speaking up?

Is LOVE screaming so load the neighbors next door are able to hear?

Is LOVE throwing something at the wall to get someone to silence?

Is LOVE driving someone to and fro?

Is LOVE allowing someone to drive you to and fro?

Is LOVE to be so tight that something may get cut off?I

s LOVE agreeing to do something and to only find that it hasn’t been done?

Is LOVE agreeing to do something even when you don’t want to?

Is LOVE agreeing to disagree?

Is LOVE sending an email to gain clarity and ask questions?

Is LOVE not replying to an email or telephone call?

Is LOVE asking to be held?

Is LOVE waiting to be held?

Is LOVE making the first move and giving a kiss?

Is LOVE saying no to having sex?

Is LOVE disagreeing to find you now agree?


He is not lost. She is not lost!

YOU and I are definitely not lost!!!


Right here, together…

Do you see yourself as LOVE?


Heart Cloud with text


LOVE IS ALL around though Soul/Spirit/Human in One.

Who and what is not LOVE?. Begin there……decide for yourself…..what is not of LOVE?

Only One decides what One’s meaning of LOVE IS that come from within. I wonder in the knowing and belief that our definitions of LOVE align. For we are already United within the experience of You and I. We already know what LOVE is not!!!

So what other choice do we have but to BE what we believe LOVE to BE.

Become aware of  LOVE by the inflection of reflection and ALL becomes so crystal clear.

I have loved you through the moons and suns in which we have co-created together! And I WILL continue to LOVE YOU through the moons and suns co-creating LOVE, So mote it BE through eternity. I LOVE YOU in I Thank you for this very day.

© Daved Beck, Whisper of LOVE 2013






Visions of future…what’s the point?

I did really good not breaking the bowl for this long but the vision still manifested this morning as I was unloading the dishwasher…Yes, it’s just a bowl and UGH, what’s the point of being able to see events before they happen to possibly make other choices to have them not happen and the experience still happens? Now I wonder what’s next? Meaning, I saw this experience ahead of time for a reason and when I find a vision manifests the next events are triggered. When I had the vision of this bowl breaking in it, I dropped it…Well I didn’t drop it a pan landed on it. So it did not manifest as exact because of course after having this vision of me dropping it I became even more careful and “overprotective” when moving this bowl around.

When I have visions and I recognize the signs/symbols manifesting it fascinates me. Who wouldn’t be fascinated by being able to foresee events?!?!?! We all have at some point or another in our lives.

For example the other day when I was blessed with embracing an opportunity of being a background extra for a TV show for a second time.

When I  embraced the opportunity of filming a few weeks ago, I “saw” that I would be filming something in a bar, well that wasn’t the case, I was outside looking at a building, so I just let it go and forgot about it.

Well the other day I received a call to film a scene and they said I would be a bar patron, I immediately was excited because that meant my vision was manifesting and then that means I truly am Psychic… Yes, I do doubt myself as a psychic…I really don’t like to say I can “predict” because of FREE will and choices and events that take place outside of us. Yet truth and fact is…… I have  in the past predicted events happening in others lives.

And when it comes to foreseeing events in my own life, well there are levels that I believe include living a self-fulfilled prophecy. Being we are the co-creators and manifestos of our own life. “If you can see it you can achieve it.”

So here I am driving and I arrive to the location exactly like what I had foreseen. Even when I met my fellow co-extras, I recognized them but had never met them before. Again I was fascinated in wonderment because I had no idea what was next.

Then I saw this man, a crew member who I noticed on the first shoot because well…He is cute! cute! cute for One and I had a hunch I knew what his name was.

Well I found myself on this second shoot staring, I could not take my eyes off of him. I even knew what I was doing and how creepy it all seemed and I could not take my eyes off of him. Our eyes even caught each others….At least I think they did.

Well as he was standing I could see his name on his walkie talkie and OMG/ODDESS, I was correct his name is…….

Now many people would have told me to go talk to him. Well for One I am not that kind of guy, I feel very awkward and I am in a sense “new” to the whole talking to someone you’re interested in experience and I truly am “shy” at first……I know this is because I judge myself so much, remember I am transforming the beliefs of Ancient times past, so it takes time. For two it may not be considered “professional” when working as a background to talk to a crew member. We are given stick instruction to not talk to the actors or take photos…We are all there to do a job and be professional. “Professional” gets me a little confused and nutsy… Heck I probably wasn’t really professional to be staring like I was….hahahahahahaha oi

Thirdly, an almost 20 year relationship of many “labels” had just come to a close and I am so not ready to even begin dating. Let alone think about it, which I have and I have decided to just be with me for however long I need, especially because there is still so much baggage that I am left to untie from moons and suns of ancient past. However it is challenging when there have been so many people “predicting”, I will meet someone who respects, honors and supports me emotionally and I will be in love again….Right now my mindset is on doing this for myself….However the thought of being held, hugged and loved is blissful. That is truly all I ever want LOVE. Don’t we ALL?!?!?!

Anyway back to the experience….So as we are waiting to go on set and throughout the waiting process our gaze was in each others direction. He could have been thinking “OMG this freak is staring at me.” or “OMG is that, that psychic guy” or “He is so unprofessional for gawking at me like that…eeeewwww gross and he is dripping  sweat.”  And Yes, he could have been thinking “He is cute or HOT.”

It was 90 degrees out and we were in Fall cloths…..also to mention when I am in the zone, I sweat profusely..

So then he come closer by me talking to another crew member, that person leaves and he turns and looks at himself in the car window and starts grooming his hair.

Here I am wondering is he doing that to really check his hair? or is he doing that to check out my butt. Being I was standing right next to him and it was not a quick hair check. So what do I do?

I turn and see him brushing the sides of his hair forward and think to myself…Oh that’s cute…Oh he is so cute…Daved stop…Daved stop.

So then he gets called away and a few moments later is standing diagonally across from me, again catching the glances…Is it him or I? Who knows?

Then he comes over to me….OMG…OMG….OMG…..and says wait for it……wait for it….”Did someone tell you to hold that hoodie or put it on”…uuuuuuuummmmm OMG/OMG?OMG is how I was inside….yet my reply was…Yes, I am to put this on when I get inside over my jean shirt…He replied “Okay cool, I wanted to just check and make sure.”

Then we get called in, do the scene…only two takes….a quick in and out…yet there were some interesting experiences that took place with that however that is another blog for later….Is this even a blog? This story seems like it is going on forever…people have probably stopped reading by now…see how fear works….and here’s how I am transforming those fearful thoughts…Just keep typing…just keep typing and sharing the experience.

So after the scene the van takes us back to holding and I see him walking across the street to what seemed like where he may have been parked and think….Wow he got back here fast, before us and he already got his stuff. How is it we are here at the same time?

I wave to him and say.. ‘have a good night.’ In which he replied “you too”.

I went in get my stuff and walk back to the parking lot a couple blocks down…It took about 10-mins for me to get in the building, out and back down to the parking lot where the van had originally dropped us of at.

As I am walking to my Soul, a car is coming towards me and yes, it’s him driving, I wave….waves as I watch him pass me, he continues to drive what seemed to me ever sooooo slowly…While all the time I wondered “should I say something? What? What do I do?”

I did nothing except wonder…DANG IT!!! I got into my Soul and replayed the experience over and over in my head. From the vision and through all the manifestations….It always trips me out…In a fantabulous way yet none the less sometimes experiences can not fully come to BE  out until the next event.

This writing started our speaking about breaking a bowl. So maybe you are wondering what does a bowl have to do with the crew guy or the filming? Well, as I wonder that myself…I come to the answer of… Me foreseeing the bowl and the filming is what inspired me to sit down and embrace the time to write about the experiences and share them on this page.

That bowl breaking had me feeling like I had failed and feeling like I had no purpose…..we managed to keep that bowl in tact for all these years and now I have the choice to keep a cracked bowl that is still functional or to let it go…The past several years have been about letting go…MY WHOLE LIFE has been about letting go….I’m tired of letting go! I’m tired of being left…I’m tired of saying I can’t put up with this….Hence the reason my whole life has been about letting go…When the experience of letting go occurs this does invite the belief of abandonment. It does not feel like LOVE when One feels abandoned nor does it feel like LOVE when One feels like they are abandoning.

In some levels I feel like I abandoned a responsibly of keeping this bowl in  tact when I didn’t even but the bowl nor did I pick it out. Yet because it is been in my experience for ten plus years somehow it became my responsibility.

So for now the point of the vision of the bowl breaking got me to embrace time and write about what is within. The vision and the experience of the crew guy…well, I wrote about it and put it out to the Universe, maybe there will be a third meeting and if there is. I commit to talking to him and maybe even asking him out for coffee….maybe that’s to forward….maybe I’ll just ask him if he’s on facebook and if we could connect sometime….Who knows? Right now I set the Intention and commit to speaking with him, if there is a next time.

So if you are reading this….I want to ask you

What are you holding of from?

Is there somewhere you feel as though you are failing in your OWN Soul/Spirit/Human contract?

Truth is nothing is a failure because we are here!!!

Yet what are you hesitant in doing?

What if you did it? What if you didn’t wait? Imagine the possibilities…..and really what’s there to loose?

This is what I help my clients with and I am grateful because they Inspire me.

They Inspire me.

I have clients that were on the brink of divorce that are communicating and have re-ignited LOVE because they are doing the work….they are communicating.

I have clients that were afraid to share their voice and their story and are now published authors.

I have clients that were miserable in there “regular” jobs now living a successful “artistic/creative” career.

They Inspire me because if they CAN DO IT, so CAN I and….

I DO!!!






All time is of LOVE

I’ve fought and I fought…trying and trying…..I have been accountable….I have been innovative….I have transformed boundaries…..I’ve given …I accepted….I’ve supported….I’ve asked….I’ve surrendered….I’ve been patient….I’ve been forceful…I’ve backed off….I walked side by side…I’ve observed…I’ve listened….I’ve spoken up….I’ve sat…I moved…I’ve hated….I’ve cried…I’ve laughed….for it all to be coming to this place?!?!

I hung on for life to only be called to let go.

I know time heals and ALL time is of LOVE.

I AM lost in the knowing ALL I see is yet a reflection in what has come to BE.

From this place ALL LOVE sent forth through time and space. Visions of prosperity behold within Unity the story WILL unfold. Hand and Hand within Soul/Spirit/Human we feel the breeze upon our cheek. Pictures of he, she and thee for ALL to SEE, this LOVE that is within side co-created within blessings of So mote it BE.

©Daved Beck – Whisper of LOVE, 2013




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Blue Moon of So Mote it BE

It’s a Blue Moon…Focus on your heart’s passion….Your Soul/Spirit whisper of LOVE….call forth from within and ALL around the visions of action….the manifestation of what is next in your OWN personal LIFE. While also sending LOVE to ALL of your closest in the support of their OWN personal LIFE. The magic of the full moon is 3x…3 days before 3 days after…The Blue Moon is 9x….Be within the Energy of YOUR VISION and ALL will BE IN LOVE of So mote it BE.

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LOVE’s of my LIFE….Soul/Spirit/Human Family

It’s not about the boots….it’s not about the shirt…it’s just another affirmation and adds another level of sadness. This was best for ALL involved….I KNOW!!!! I am sad because I know the effects and I wish all the best, I know I co-created what is labeled a F&*King MESS!!!

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! left with all the worn down black boots (non of which are mine) yet my only pair of black boots  that I only wear on “special occasions”. I really only ever wear gym shoes…and my black shirt with my Angel Wings are gone…SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Why the F%$*K would someone take clothing they never wore and knew was mine?  Even within that energy there resides  a lot….ggggggggrrrrrrr……I asked for certain things not to be worn, always to ended up being worn except for these couple of things and now poof gone…..Whatever just things that are outside of me that somehow through whatever and whomever I have chosen. Now I guess you have a token that Angels always have your back. Somehow….Someway……

It says a lot about me and how I think and feel so little about me and I really did think so much about you and I will continue too…As time moved by within the days my LOVE can never be taken.

ggggggrrrrrrrrrr YES….I AM a little angry BECAUSE this has me feeling sad….No matter what kind of label we wore through the years to define our relation maybe not even of same blood. I always consider you and I Soul/Spirit/Human family….

I tried and tried and talked and talked.

I listened within the silence.

I even listened within the SCREAMING and judging of names that were outside all those very days.

I felt the pain that laid within.

I grew up within abandonment.

anger of red fear is being fed.

You know you were there those days.

It saddened my heart when I heard “One believed and had to be even more careful.”

Calling from within ALL the LOVE that resides this is said.

I know my worth!

I know your worth!

I AM creating it for me!!!

He, She and Thee,

are creating it for what WE choose to BE in the vision of what comes to BE.

I only want LOVE for ALL to BE. I grew so tired of letting go………….and this I know….

I AM grateful for the Moons and Suns of past for they have brought me to this time within this place. sadness, anger, fear transform within ALL held so very dear, for you are my greatest Inspiration.

I have let so much go already and the only complaint….was I don’t make enough pennies….

Finally I have transformed this energy into what I embrace as critique through the art of forgiveness within my very best.

I chose to OWN what I do as I this WE ALL do! Being aware and BEING of heart is what I came to co-create.

Whispers of LOVE sent forth from this place sending forth through time within space co-creating PEACE through ALL eternity.

ALL MY LOVE for YOU as I LOVE ME this is for certain. Visions of Success I have and WILL continue to manifest.  Pennies of One’s OWN creativity the World WILL BE IN plenty. I LOVE YOU with ALL of ME as I see ALL as God/Goddess within ALL reflection. So mote it BE, this wish/prayer/mediation with ALL MY LOVE times three. I thank you for YOU ARE A LOVE of MY LIFE!!!


Do you hear it? What are you hearing?

Do you feel it? What are you feeling right now?

Please write it down…not for me yet for you

untie the “not”

What IS your OWN personal truth?

You will then see ALL the LOVE that IS within that IS seen for you have already.

SSH…I LOVE Thee through the Moons and Suns co-creating LOVE for ALL to BE.

© Daved Beck – Whisper of LOVE, 2013



Kiss of Time

YAY….I’m so happy! I knew it was just a matter of time. See that IS the freakin’ challenge it seems to BE this lifetime…How much time is One givith and how much time does One Be with?!?! One is always with, if ever been kissed. The answer within time always brings a rhyme when given a ring One will soon see . Wee…hee…within a heart of glee as all the pieces become seen. This wish will someday come to BE for my Soul/Spirit/Human knows WE CAN co-create this whisper of LOVE to BE.

© Daved Beck, 2013

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A Vow Whisper Bestow

People close to me know I LOVE with ALL of me…I forever AM grateful for each and everyone of thee as I share ALL I came to BE….There are many and so few that are TRUE….You know who you are, if this whisper touches your very OWN heart. Some have moved on….others have stayed….few have blocked…..some know, I wear my head cocked with a certain grin…..each and every One of YOU when I said I LOVE YOU….know I WILL continue through and through…in this I do….I do…there are no mistakes in life’s boo boos, don’t hesitate….for the GIFT co-created this very day….we just had some bumps along the journey. Forever in my heart prosperity IN LOVE bestow upon you. Accept LOVE though integrity is a promise of so mote it BE, the spell was cast One very day. Don’t dismay Peace comes in wing of dove the very night One IS in sight there is no fright. I LOVE to the moon and back times three each and every day manifesting along life’s eternity.

© Daved Beck, 2013




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Whisper of Cause and Effect

There is sadness I feel when  One is avoiding the embracement of LOVE. In this cloud of sadness a light burns bright in Faith that forgiveness within One will be felt. For it is not for me, he or thee to know exactly who One’s forgiveness is for….What I do know is it always for One(self…the you within) which radiates expanding towards and effecting ALL…I have experienced time and time again when a separation happens out anger, rage, frustration, lies, deceit, unspoken truth and manipulation…..whatever the fear energy maybe shining through what One may perceive to be unseen…..When One is willing to face fear and move through it within Integrity…Magic unfolds and Prosperity IN LOVE is experienced in the willingness to Accept and Forgive….For magic to begin an apology must BE expressed, for this is within the LAW of cause and effect. The co-creation of our lives….One maybe be in fear and One maybe be in love. The key is learning to partner in LOVE with both!

The words we speak are the spells we cast this I have always embraced….All is seen even in the unseen when One is willing to go within in the expansion of LOVE with and for ALL.  I love you to the moon and back times three, so mote it BE IN ALL the LOVE to BE.

Yes, this message is for Thee and Me!

© Daved Beck, 2013


Now it’s time to get caught up on sending session audio’s out…I am a little behind…oh look at that I am judging myself again…..because truth in my knowing is the message always arrives in the GIFT….ALWAYS on time never too late just don’t hesitate. Yes, I work for ALL while I teach and learn how to Accept support in MY knowing WE are not alone. And Yes, I stand in Integrity that I have responsibilities. I apologize and I ALWAYS express gratitude……… Some say and think “too much”…Some say and think “not enough”….there’s only One judge and that comes from within. There is not One person in my life that I have never said thank you too…What is interesting, I do know many who do not…..So I ponder who I may have not through out the moons and suns of Ancient Times past. Embrace the GIFTS in Acceptance in Gratitude for this LIFE is for he, she and thee. The CREATION of NOW! So mote it BE I LOVE YOU through these whispers that will carry throughout eternity, always IN-LOVE…Yes, One may believe this message is for One….It’s is and it is for him…him….her….she…..and Thee…

The state of Awareness within One’s OWN Karmic Integrity.

Yes, I work for ALL while I teach and learn how to Accept support in MY knowing WE are not alone.

And Yes, rather than typing these whispers of LOVE right now in this moment I could be sending out the audios and double checking who I did send to….Because yes, I am having a challenge in the balancing accept of my responsibilities in my calling.

Oh and I also have on my agenda to call my website provider to pay my monthly dues…or to make the choice of no longer utilizing their website builder…Yes, I also create and design my own website and schedule my own bookings…I recently within the past year began accepting help in the aspect of locating places for the Whisper of LOVE Experience.

I have always been my own manager and agent. I also have been managed for that was the only way I could learn to become the manager of my OWN time. I searched for and embraced the opportunities to teach dance and choreograph since I began.
I rarely had a substitute teacher or canceled, only in extreme weather or illness.

I was a sales associate, then a key holder, then a manager and then a district manager for a chain of “Adult Intimate Apparel, Novelties and GIFTS, during those years there were four in Chicago, now there are several.
I was a box office ticket agent for a theater. I was an office coordinator for a bookstore, keeping track of sales and money and inventory of books. I was a barista and a cashier….I was a stock boy and cashier when I was twelve-fifteen years old and I made $2.00 an hour. In my late teens I was a “cocktail boy” for a gay bar which then led to me being a stripper for awhile. I only ever stripped down to my G-string, which was no different than a dance belt (an article of clothing that a male dancer wears, so nothing bounces around) I never found a dance belt to be comfortable.

Now I fully work for myself…my own business while truly really working for YOU and with YOU.

You maybe asking yourself or another “Why are you telling us this? What’s your point?”

To share that through our time what we do becomes a pattern. A pattern creates skills. Skills we utilize through out our life. During the times when we begin to doubt ourselves and possibly put experiences off that we know bring us joy, happiness and abundance…..We get to recognize and embrace the whispers of LOVE within the time of One.

In the past several weeks I have experienced more clients and friends coming to me through emails and calls expressing…..”OMG….This just happened, you called it.” “Oh I remember the initials and I remember the name…How could I have forgotten.” “…….just contacted me….Thank you so much, you have no idea how you have helped me. Well Yeah you probably do.”

I do appreciate when someone is willing to share what they have embraced as they continue to evolve through their own work.

Okay, I must sign off for now…I am going to send the audios off and call the website.

Feel free to email or comment below…if the whispers of LOVE above have touched you.

Until we connect again, always know you are LOVED!!!

© Daved Beck, 2013

Three years

OH today is June 7…..OH…..OH….okay three years ago I was headed back to Chicago…How life has changed and expanded since then….Last summer seemed like some of the darkest days and nights of my Soul/Spirit/Human journey that I have ever traveled through. And as many I have faced mucho mas of adversity……Each experience I learn a deeper level of forgiveness within that forever bestows a LOVE that is ALL encompassing…..And this I carry and share with you through the moons and suns co-creating our eternity in Peace, Love and Prosperity within Integrity.

© Daved Beck, 2013

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