Each and Everyday Celebrate!

The Whisper of LOVE Experience 6-2-2013

The Whisper of LOVE Experience 6-2-2013


This month of June and this year is REALLY freakin AMAZING…..a vision manifested that came 20+yrs ago, a full circle and unity experience, a transformation of pain from chains of ancient moons and suns of past, the 7 year anniversary of when I received my “certification”, the 6 year anniversary of my mother’s transition into PEACE is soon approaching, the 6 year anniversary when I embraced the label of “published author”, and my grandma’s birthday is coming……Pains of abandonment healed as I embraced ALL of me in forgiveness within LOVE that he, she and thee ARE and have given to me in the experience of One…I thank thee for the GIFT you ARE to ME and EVERYONE here! I LOVE thee with ALL of me….YES, YOU!!! So much to celebrate each and everyday!

Are you willing to Accept the Yes of your whisper?

How will you celebrate the GIFT of YOU today?

Thee is worth everything One can possibly BE.

Yes, YOU….I LOVE YOU through the Suns and Moons that co-create eternity!

This I promise, so mote I BE!

©Daved Beck 6-6-2013

The Unknown with direction and the choreography of we

YEY…YAY…YEY…YAY….I just timed next week’s Whisper of Love Experience with timer and the messages that I believe will be coming across with time for specific individualized messages from transitioned loved ones…What’s funny is even though there is a 45 minute limitation for my presentation and only about 15-minutes is directed/choreographed, heck, even the 15- minutes in the UNKNOWN only elements are scripted within the direction and choreography of me…what is so be seen is within the unseen from Spirit, this will come next week. Oh this is going to BE so EXCITING and TRANSORMING!!!! This experience is ALL about he, she and thee…So I must show up in ALL of me. “Too much” “Too little” “not enough” not good enough” “too much”……That’s out the door when it comes to this Whisper of LOVE.

I hope to see YOU there!

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There are many in the ALL of One and three are the key to the sum that equals One. Experiences of each are very unique within this space always held
in honor and grace. Sometimes I want to protect what resides in this chest and I have learned that would not be showing up in my best. Carried through the winds of time gazing into eyes vowed to LOVE from this place through the moons and suns times three so mote it BE, I LOVE thee through eternity.

© Daved Beck, 2013

There are many in the ALL of One

Three Equals One

Human, Spirit and Soul. One in the same…each unique in ALL through sum of One. Jack to ALL…. master of none…..King and Queen of One through ALL to BE ONE in the sum of LOVE.

One and One create

man and man, both alike to LOVE

always in and of light.

Woman and woman, both alike to LOVE

Always in and of light.

LOVE is not to judge for One that does will BE the One in knots. Knots done by none outside of what can be seen. For what is unseen is within he and she of everything.

What do I believe I can’t do?

What do I believe I don’t have?

What am I not loving these days?

What does love look like?

Loving thoughts….

Loving words…

Loving actions…

All energy that comes from One into ALL!

Massage the knots out to BE in the flow.



We DO!


Define LOVE a little deeper today and maybe just maybe the World WILL become ALL it is meant to BE.

All because  the Gift of Acceptance that is indeed the LOVE of You decided to BE.

© Daved Beck




The child

I have been writing and creating…… allowing creativity to flow and I AM craving chocolate so freaking much right now…..I WANT SOME chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies….either way my emotions are in overload in my pregnancy of creativity…..Yes, a man and pregnant whisper says….an example  of immaculate conception.

I have been having fun with just One kinda Spirit lately….Let’s not discuss that because I get a little frustrated…..I know One can relate.

What to do…..what to do….I will sit here and stew as I am choosing not go to the store. And yes, being the life coach I AM, I  ponder how to massage out this emotional knot I have kept choosing to live in.  oi why did I choose to be that boy…as I whisper in the doing of my Soul/Spirit/Human creativity.

I have come so far and worked through doubt and many times come to the place of rejection in my face.

I held One so dear IN LOVE this I know crystal clear.

The child came to love and knew not of right or wrong. For all one wanted was to be hugged and then was touched.

What felt so good, tainted One so pure and  traveled through what seemed liked ” hell”  through the Sacred Moons and Suns of Ancient past.  Always in forgiveness that not be mistaken this boy grew to BE a glorious LIGHT in LOVE of ALL of Thee, so mote it BE in truth of me.

The memory of holding One in my arms a reflection I saw as One’s eyes glared out the window in fears demise.

I loved One oh so within  curiosity that inspired me.

The child  in the mirror cookie in hand who cries from all the lies is a reflection of what was once me.

©Daved Beck, 2013



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Frustration in Communication

Well that was a fantastic idea…SERIOUSLY…I had the two computers communicating for a little while….the printer use to be connected…so I could print and compare and UGH….seriously just REALLY?!?!? So then I’ll just look between the documents on both computers……and UGH that ends up confusing me……..I get so far and then I know I need to back off and take a break and embrace patience and breathe…. and then I come back and I get further and then UGH….I have been working on this for years, months and days and COME ON ALREADY….I just want to be able to complete this so I can move further….Universe, I hear you and now I am just going to just go sit and cry because I just….UGH

I asked the question….I found the answer…it worked….and now it’s not!


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