Okay, I have been giving messages throughout the day some have been affirmed while others are yet to be confirmed. I am feeling as though there are people out there wanting readings this evening…I am available, I am even going to offer this for the price of $28.00…So whoever reads this….you may want to follow that sign…You never know where it may guide within your very OWN Soul’s eye.

This is my calling, my purpose, my passion and I am here to support you in connecting you within yours.

Sometimes ALL it takes is to embrace One opportunity to come to an awareness of what has been holding you back.

What has been the block?

What has not been laid to rest?

Where you abandoned by a loved One?

Do you feel as though no one understands you?

What has you frustrated?

One 15-minute session with me will uncover the unseen blocks and together we will shine light within the connection of Soul/Spirit/Human and connect YOU within the greatest love of ALL.

With this coupon you can choose

15-minute reading for $28.00

Below you can click the photo and you will then be taken to paypal secure site.

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I am looking forward to conneting with you!

© Daved Beck, 2013

Whisper of LOVE individual readings 28 dollar coupon July 2013

Blue Moon of So Mote it BE

It’s a Blue Moon…Focus on your heart’s passion….Your Soul/Spirit whisper of LOVE….call forth from within and ALL around the visions of action….the manifestation of what is next in your OWN personal LIFE. While also sending LOVE to ALL of your closest in the support of their OWN personal LIFE. The magic of the full moon is 3x…3 days before 3 days after…The Blue Moon is 9x….Be within the Energy of YOUR VISION and ALL will BE IN LOVE of So mote it BE.

To honor Mother Luna I am offering a 2 for 1 SPECIAL on Readings

Click photo of minute choice and be directed to a secure paypal link.

Purchase a 15-minute Reading and get an additional 15-minutes FREE

Whisper of LOVE 2 for 1 - 15-min FREE

Purchase a 30-minute Reading and get an additional 30-minutes FREE

Whisper of LOVE 2 for 1 - 30-min FREE

Your session is recorded for you and an audio link is delivered right to your inbox for you to download after.

All sales are final.


Each and Everyday Celebrate!

The Whisper of LOVE Experience 6-2-2013

The Whisper of LOVE Experience 6-2-2013


This month of June and this year is REALLY freakin AMAZING…..a vision manifested that came 20+yrs ago, a full circle and unity experience, a transformation of pain from chains of ancient moons and suns of past, the 7 year anniversary of when I received my “certification”, the 6 year anniversary of my mother’s transition into PEACE is soon approaching, the 6 year anniversary when I embraced the label of “published author”, and my grandma’s birthday is coming……Pains of abandonment healed as I embraced ALL of me in forgiveness within LOVE that he, she and thee ARE and have given to me in the experience of One…I thank thee for the GIFT you ARE to ME and EVERYONE here! I LOVE thee with ALL of me….YES, YOU!!! So much to celebrate each and everyday!

Are you willing to Accept the Yes of your whisper?

How will you celebrate the GIFT of YOU today?

Thee is worth everything One can possibly BE.

Yes, YOU….I LOVE YOU through the Suns and Moons that co-create eternity!

This I promise, so mote I BE!

©Daved Beck 6-6-2013

The Unknown with direction and the choreography of we

YEY…YAY…YEY…YAY….I just timed next week’s Whisper of Love Experience with timer and the messages that I believe will be coming across with time for specific individualized messages from transitioned loved ones…What’s funny is even though there is a 45 minute limitation for my presentation and only about 15-minutes is directed/choreographed, heck, even the 15- minutes in the UNKNOWN only elements are scripted within the direction and choreography of me…what is so be seen is within the unseen from Spirit, this will come next week. Oh this is going to BE so EXCITING and TRANSORMING!!!! This experience is ALL about he, she and thee…So I must show up in ALL of me. “Too much” “Too little” “not enough” not good enough” “too much”……That’s out the door when it comes to this Whisper of LOVE.

I hope to see YOU there!

Click here for info and tickets to the Whole Life Expo

Green Bay WI – Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair

Green Bay WI - April 20, 2013


Whisper of LOVE Gallery Event – tickets available at the door $20.00


15-minute readings with a FREE gift for a special expo price of $35.00