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Maximillien De Lafayette

“Those who were elected are the very best in the business. To mock them is a serious attempt to dishonor them and attack their credibility. Any person who would slander them is nothing but the scum of the earth. Hatred, jealousy, envy, ignorance and fear of competition will motivate many to hurt others and discredit the book. But they will fail, for the PUBLIC HAS VOTED, and the TRUTH is revealed. I do strongly believe that Michelle Whitedove, Patti Negri, Allison Hayes, Chinhee & Sunhee Park, Shellee Hale, Danielle Egnew, Gabriela Castillo, Patrice Cole, Micki Dahne, Syd Saeed, Claire Braddock, Russell Grant, Lynne Caddick, Tina Bliss, Barbara MacKey, Melissa Bacelar, Bee Herz, Maureen Hancock, Dolores Cannon, Suzanne Grace, Ali Michaels, Blair Robertson, Bobby Marchesso, Brian Hunter, Chip Coffey, Daved Beck, Dougall Fraser, Doyle Ward, James Van Praagh, Jamie Clark, Jeffry Palmer, Jerry Yusko, Jethro Smith, John Edward, John Holland, Justin Chase Mullins, Matt Fraser, Robert Valera, Steven Weiss and so many others who were voted by the public and included in the book are de facto, among the best in the world, if not, the best of the very best.”  – Maximillien de Lafayette, 2012

Daved is featured and reviewed in the following books

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Confessions of a Bad Ugly Singer:


2016 Calendar: The Best Lightworkers 2016

Paperback: 2015 National Ranking and International Ranking of the World’s Best Lightworkers

Paperback: 2015 Best Psychics, Mediums and Lightworkers in the United States

Paperback: Lightworkers 2013. The Best, Friendliest, Certified, Most Honest

Paperback: America’s & World’s Best Psychics & Healers Who Care Most About You

Paperback: Directory & international rank of the U.S. & the world’s best psychics mediums healers astrologers & lightworkers

Paperback: Directory & International Rank of the U.S & the World’s Best Psychics Mediums Healers Astrologers Lightworkers.Vol.2

Paperback: How To Learn The Languages Of The Spirits, Angels Afrit Djinns Demons And Entities And Converse With Them

Bellesprit May 2014 Feature ArticleBellesprit Magazine 2014

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Conversations Magazine

May/June 2013 issue

March 2012 issue

The Bliss Blog

June 2011

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