Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic Medium Readings

 Divination Readings utilizing cards began as a vessel for my grandmother (dad’s mom) and I to connect with Spirit. We would consult the Powers That Be with a game of Rummy.This was not out of the norm for me since practices and the life practice of Metaphysics ran in both my mother and my father’s bloodline. So connection to Source through cards began with my dad’s mom, and became my practice through my early teen years while living with her as a way to gain guidance in acceptance of myself.

In my late teens and beginning my adult life, I began reading for friends and we were always amazed how right on the messages were, and how they always seemed to be what we needed to hear at the time.
In my early twenties I was given a set of Viking Runes, which I began to practice with, learn from, and utilize in my readings. This oracle tool also began to inspire some of my most memorable choreographed dance creations: “Beginning of Eye” and “ Perth  – A New Rising.”There are many spreads that I utilize for my readings/sessions, yet the one that I am most called to utilize is “Creating a Change” spread. It is through this spread that I made the decision to go to school for my life-coaching certification.Another spread I love to work with is the “Past, Present, Future reading”. I love this reading because we cannot change the past, yet sometimes we hold onto the pains of the past which keep us from moving forward; so with this reading I support the client in uncovering and transforming what could be holding them back from creating the life they vision.After receiving my certification, I found that my coaching skills integrated very well with the oracle divination tools and supported the client in the most magical, profound, and powerful way.

In the present through my practice of connecting with Spirit, my Intuitive muscle has opened and expanded to connecting with the other side. Actually I have embrace what I did as a child before I ever even pick up a deck of cards, funny how that happens. Being the Medium I came here to BE is an honor and privilege to be able to connect LOVED Ones who have past with LOVED Ones here in the present.

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The benefits via phone are: 

  • No need to leave your home or office
  • Sessions are recorded and a link to an audio download is emailed to the client to support them on their journey
  • Savings of the travel fee (if a client wants an in-person session beyond 35 miles there will be travel fee will occur.
Sessions held in-person are benefits will be!

Having the DAVED experience!
We WILL have a Daved experience! hahahahahah YES! come on, it has a ring to it! Actually you get this in a phone or skype session
  • To express, understand and Be the Dream
  • To express, understand and be the Acceptance
  • To express, understand and be the Vision
  • To express, understand and be the Energy
  • To express, understand and be the Dance
to be DAVED is really….


Accepting the Gift of You!

Ethereal and Earth Angels are always there to shine light, support and guide. 

All that is required is to ask.

Daved is also available for Whisper of LOVE Gallery Events.

What’s a gallery event, you ask?

A gallery event is a small group environment….a celebration if you will!  Family, friends, co-workers and even strangers that may even become friends coming together and sharing in a very unique individualized experience for everyone in attendance. 

For information on how to book an event


All services are at One’s own risk.  Daved Beck assumes no responsibility for the choices of the client or group.
Services are non-refundable. 

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