True with moves of Grace and Ease,

The message is for He, She, Me and maybe even Thee. If the whisper of Integrity touches One’s very OWN heart, then you know what to do. If anger arise, I will no longer compromise. Lies disguise, Ancient Moon and Suns taught me to recognize the chains around One’s very OWN heart. Words that speak true with moves of grace and ease, I called forth from this day forth. LOVE is always welcome through my door for this is ALL of what we ARE. Embrace or not, fear WILL not put me in knots.



Maybe three times.

There will be no fourth.

I Can!

I Do!

I Will!

Love is all I want to BE, for this is ALL I choose to know.

As I know I want, I know there is lack and this is what I move forward to co-create.

How One chooses may not be like another and that’s okay. Even though WE ALL want and search for the same.

He came and went.

She came and went.

This gave me permission that you believe ‘it’s okay’ to move.


I will continue to LOVE for this is what has already been bestow.

Never a mistake, what is to take when we have our heart that brought US to the very day.

© Daved Beck, Whisper of LOVE 2013