Okay, I have been giving messages throughout the day some have been affirmed while others are yet to be confirmed. I am feeling as though there are people out there wanting readings this evening…I am available, I am even going to offer this for the price of $28.00…So whoever reads this….you may want to follow that sign…You never know where it may guide within your very OWN Soul’s eye.

This is my calling, my purpose, my passion and I am here to support you in connecting you within yours.

Sometimes ALL it takes is to embrace One opportunity to come to an awareness of what has been holding you back.

What has been the block?

What has not been laid to rest?

Where you abandoned by a loved One?

Do you feel as though no one understands you?

What has you frustrated?

One 15-minute session with me will uncover the unseen blocks and together we will shine light within the connection of Soul/Spirit/Human and connect YOU within the greatest love of ALL.

With this coupon you can choose

15-minute reading for $28.00

Below you can click the photo and you will then be taken to paypal secure site.

After payment is received you will receive an email from

I am looking forward to conneting with you!

© Daved Beck, 2013

Whisper of LOVE individual readings 28 dollar coupon July 2013