Testimonials – What the Public is saying

One of the most unusual psychics on the Planet! Colorful charismatic, visionary, and engaging on so many levels.
A lightworker with a golden heart. Some have said that he has a way with words, others said, he has so many words. To me, Daved Beck is unique, and I appreciate the goodness of his heart.

– Maximillien de Lafayette, Lightworkers 2013: The Best, The Friendliest, The Certified & The Most Honest


Daved Beck is initially confoundingly positive. After a few minutes, though, it becomes clear that his bright energy comes from walking the proverbial walk. He puts his own ideas and philosophies in practice, proving his point by being a living example. My radio audience has been enriched and encouraged by Daved’s guidance toward attaining the seemingly unattainable and living an overall happier life.

– Larry Flick, “OutQ in the Morning with Larry Flick” (Sirius XM radio)

 “I just had a reading with Daved. What a fantastic hour that was! Not only spot on, he gave me tools to improve things in my life I want to. Very accurate and insightful. Easy to talk to. Connected with person I most wanted to in spirit as well. So much territory was covered and I am feeling very joyous. Thank you Daved!”
                                                                                – Stacy E. McArdle
I just had an one hour reading with Daved. It was remarkable and has left me smiling.
He touched on my own issues where I am “stuck” and shed light on those areas. He mentioned my nephew, and asked “he is hard on himself…always seeking perfection?” My nephew is 7! What kind of 7 year old is a perfectionist? Well, he hit the nail on the head, my nephew is. He mentioned the ‘farm’ where I dream everyday about building a home. He mentioned old memories with specific places I had with my dad, and I miss my dad so much, so it was very special. It was just an amazing reading and am so glad I had this experience.”
 – Natalie Mikolajczak, RP
A reading with Daved Beck is like going to a party with an old friend. His readings are alive with accuracy and humor and you cannot help but smile during the entire time. His readings start from the moment you connect and I cannot say enough good things about him.
                                                                                                    ~Kimberly Ward, Certified Psychic and Medium

My name is Debi Tibbles and I am one of the very fortunate clients of the quite marvelous Daved Beck. I hope you are open to much gushing and praise of this man because you are about to receive it!

I first met Daved via the Fearless Living Institute when I realized I needed help with my life. I was lonely, confused, miserable and had lost my way. The spark that used to shine in my eyes  was gone…the light turned OFF… and I soooo wanted to see the light again.

Enter Daved Beck, certified Life Coach and human extraordinaire! He is a gift I treasure in human form, a man of deep understanding, insightfulness, kindness, laughter and integrity. In  his presence you are drawn like a magnet to his goodness and come away enlightened, empowered, loved and like a Diva on stage, can sing and dance your way in the world feeling like a star.

Thank you Daved for believing in me….the light shines bright my friend….for I AM that star.

 – Debi Tibbles


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“My name is Michael Kowch, I found Daved through a friend of  mine but it was not till I had a reading from him, that I TRULY have grown to value him as an intuitive. His timely assessment and reading was just a small part of this wonderful person.  After our time together, he took the time to re-align my energies; helping me make different choices to create the outcome I desired.  I will tell you I was over emotional from dealing with my current situation, and at times, overwhelmed.  He not only was patient and understanding, but came at me from the source of light.  His ability to hone in on issues hidden, is one that I honor and adore.  We stay in touch, which is rare, and I have no reservations in calling him “friend”…Daved is simply a part of what’s good in this world.  I value, trust, and would recommend him to many of my friends, and have heard the same comments from them.  PLEASE help me in honoring his gift. In addition, my now legal partner in life, Steven McGraw has also had a reading with Daved.  Steve is a skeptic, yet remains open to the thought process.  Daved’s reading resulted in not only clarity of purpose…(Steve is bed-ridden from secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and has asked me to speak on his behalf)….but a renewed understanding in “trusting the path”.  Steve expressed the calmness and re-focus that Daved can bring out as well as identifying issues that only Steve and Daved know. I would like this submission to be considered as two votes for DAVED BECK.  Daved is a TRUE intuitive with the kindest soul Steve and I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I blame DEBI TIBBLES for introducing us, and can’t thank her enough.”

– Michael Kowch, co-host At Home with Victoria

note from Daved: Since this email was written Steve has since transitioned into Spirit and is dancing around Michael ever so gracefully whispering all around and playing little jokes. I never had the honor of meeting him face to face in human form yet it was an honor and privilege connecting with him voice to voice over the phone and I as I believe Michael would agree….Steve a guardian Angel is watching over me as well.


My experience with him tells me that his abilities are astounding. In a casual conversation a few months ago, we were speaking about my mother who died in 2010. I hadn’t told him much about her. He smiles and asks, “Who’s George, or Georgie? I keep hearing her say that.” At first, I was puzzled and then I began to laugh as I explained that when she was in her early 20’s, she had worked as a switchboard operator at a law firm. Whenever she would put someone on hold, she would say “Wait a minute, George.” Her best friend Miriam who also worked there, called her Georgie as a result. Daved would have had no way of knowing that except that Spirit whispered in his ear. A month or so later, we had a reading and he was again able to tap into information about me that was quite personal. For me that is a mark of a talented psychic. He was a guest on my radio show called It’s All About Relationships. Here is the link. I welcome you to listen to get an even greater sense of Daved. http://vividlife.me/ultimate/37542/david-beck-discusses-whisper-of-love-the-next-evolution/ I would add that Daved is what I call a ‘grounded psychic’; quite natural and not what would be referred to as ‘cosmic foo foo’. He is approachable and comforting which makes him appealing to work with. My perception is that he is indeed a man of integrity who comes from the heart.

                                                                                           – Blessings, Edie Weinstein www.liveinjoy.org


I have to tell EVERYONE, if you want a life altering experience that will make you learn, grow and love, please call or e-mail the extraordinary Daved Beck! I was so fortunate by having a reading with Daved. 

I have had readings before. That being said, when I first contacted Daved I had a BIG chip on my shoulder thinking, “this is just going to be another scam, but what the heck.” NOT A   GREAT WAY OF STARTING OFF!!!!!!! My energy was clearly already blocking myself for any type of growth, which I did want badly which is why I contacted Daved to begin with. Well when we started the reading, being in that NEGATIVE space, I really think and THANK DAVED for STAYING WITH ME!!!!!! 

He generously did ask if I wanted to continue the reading……I wanted to learn and said yes. I was given the space to see who I was being and Daved changed my energy and space and the whole world opened up! It was an experience I will forever be grateful for! The guidance and support and love was pure MAGIC! 

I learned more in an hour then I have learned in almost my entire life. Daved’s ability to see you for who you are and guide you in the most loving safe way is just truly amazing and inspirational! I hope that everyone who reads this reaches out to Daved to experience what I did! I promise you all, that you will cherish your experience! I do, and will always….


– Candy Singer, Producer/Casting Director


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Daved Beck is a multi-talented performer. Insightful, compassionate and on purpose, Daved brings passion and commitment to any endeavor. Whether he is creating a dance, being the dancer himself or coaching a dancer…he is fully present, fully on target. If you have an opportunity to work with Daved in any capacity, take it. Your life will never be the same.

– Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award-winner, author of bestseller Fearless Living and Founder of Fearless Living Institute


I have been listening to OutQ for about two years now I really believe that it offers so much to the GLBT community around the country. I am currently working toward my PhD in Counseling Psychology this is my first term but, it going great. What you said on the program really put a bug in my brain.. You expressed a totally new way of not only looking at life in general but, learn as well. It provided an amazing gift I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much.

I wanted to express my thoughts about life coaching also… I have never known one untill you nor have I thought about asking one for help. I see that you have a great website and the short time that you where on with Larry was very interesting; how you look at life in general, how you incorporate people’s needs into your own, how you understand the gratification of loving ones life, and furthermore the love for society in general. Great Work Daved.. You opened my mind to a new way of thinking, Thank you! 

 – Sarah Barrett, OutQ in the Morning listener


My wife asked me if I would be willing to do couples coaching to improve our relationship and marriage. I agreed feeling I would go into it very cautious and if it made her happy it couldn’t hurt anything. After several challenging sessions my wife and I had a break through by using some very simple techniques that Daved used in coaching
 us that were right in front of us although we would have never found without Daved’s experience and knowledge. Daved earned his stripes and my respect very early on in the process.  We are now several months down the road and
continue to grow in our love and respect for each other. We have been married for twenty two years and the past several months have been the most rewarding, engaging and intimate of our marriage. This is a result of Daved working with us and helping us see what blessings we have in each other. I thank Daved for the opportunities he has given me to look at things from a different angle and what I have achieved as a result. He gave me back the girl I married and the relationship that most people will search for their whole life.I am now working with Daved on a one on one basis and opening up more opportunities for myself to live the life I desire. Thanks Daved!

 –  Will Nutter


The reading I had from Daved was way beyond what I expected. Davie’s warm and caring manner, along with his charismatic personality immediately put me at ease and allowed me to fully open to the experience. The reading began to resonate with me within the first few minutes and I knew that I was going to be hearing some things that I really needed to hear.  There is no doubt in my mind that I was brought to Daved at this most important milestone in my life. No one up to this point was able to motivate me to make the necessary changes that I have needed to make. Daved was able to dispell many of the cognitive distortions I have been holding onto which was preventing me from realizing the joyous life that I have been desiring for so long.  Daved was able to get past the walls I have placed around myself and get to the core of what was most important to me at this time in my life. Daved served as both intuitive and life coach in this reading which gave me tools that I could immediately use to begin making the transformation that I feel I am now ready to make. Being a mental health therapist I know the importance of reaching out for help when it is needed and have done so with friends and colleagues. The problem has always been that they weren’t always as objective or forceful as they needed to be in order to drive home important points that I was unable to see for myself. Daved was able to do what so many were unable to do and he did this in whatever manner was needed at the time which included stopping me in my tracks at one point when I was actually doing one of the things with him that I just discovered that I needed to stop doing. I am truly blessed to have discovered this awesome soul who definitely loves his work and cares about the people he serves. I would definitely recommend a reading with Daved. I am looking forward to working with Daved in the future as my life coach. I need someone who doesn’t mince words and isn’t afraid to tell it as it is; but in a loving and caring way. I feel very empowered after my first reading with Daved. I am also now more confident that I can reach my goals because I know Daved will not allow me to use excuses that I have always used to put off doing the things I have always wanted to do because of fear. I came away from my reading with a better understanding of my own fear and how it no longer serves me. Thank you Daved for everything today and I look forward to having you a part of life from this day forward.

– Scott Gaskins


Thank you Daved for the beautiful connection you bring to this World – to enable  us to connect to our True Selves, despite the obstacles in our way. Every time we speak, there is synchronicity, a connection, a true calling to what is Divine. We have always discussed Earth Angels and how they are at work in the select few who are up for this incredible challenge. When our son was diagnosed
with “Autism” you knew it was just a label.. a way for the medical community to define the category of “psychic children”…. We honor your guidance and how much you have helped our Family find a different path, how we/myself, have
formed new insight. I say this entry is not late, but right on time, because you are exactly that way, in harmony with the time of the Universe. You always know that despite the dark forces that are at work in our lives, that there is Light. There is hope, there is Harmony and that as People, as Humans, as Souls, we can overcome that hurdle. I never question how close you are to the Divine, I have
come to expect the Music every time we speak. Each chord you strike with your passion to help people connect to their inner Light, is another note in the Harmony of God’s Symphonic Universe. You are here on a great mission, and I welcome the relationship we have formed over the past year. I embrace the beautiful Light that you are and always will be.

–  Jenn Goodman



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I just had my first reading with Daved and all I can say Is wow. I’ve had this nagging feeling that all I needed to follow my dreams was a cheerleader, not one who could give me vague motivational advice but truly see what I’m going through
and what my future path is. Daved connected what was in the cards to action…something that a novice like me didn’t believe that psychics
did. Beyond the reading Daved was kind, relatable and affirming…above all, affirming is the only word I can use to describe his insight. I hope he wins this thing, because if he can empower a skeptical-yet-open introvert like
myself, that’s pretty amazing. Please contact me if you have questions.

-Sarah Dietze


A very dear friend of mine turned me on to Daved about a year ago when I was going through some tough times in my personal life. I have to say, that I was skeptical about it, but thought “what have I got to lose?” Well, I didn’t lose anything. Instead, I gained some much needed insight and the encouragement to make some really tough decisions. I have since had the opportunity to speak with Daved on two occasions, and both readings were spot on.  I found him to be very genuine and intuitive.  He felt my turmoil as well as my uncertainty about my future and the health of my children, and gave me guidance on where changes were needed.
I feel very fortunate to have “met” Daved, because this is a relationship that I will carry for the rest of my life.  His readings are recorded so I can go back and listen to them over and over again.  This is definitely a plus, because sometimes things go pretty quickly and it’s hard to take it all in.    I would encourage anyone to give him a try.  Once you have experienced one of Daved’s readings, it will change your perspective on your life and “open your eyes” so to speak to the possibilities of the future. 
– Kelly Whitney

I have been close with Daved Beck for about 10 years.  He is wonderfully supportive and a pleasure to work with and a terrific Life Coach! “Daved Beck has an uncanny ability to hear what I hear when we are mixing music for choreography or working together in dance.  It’s a creative process that is exciting and encouraging!  Who doesn’t want to be a part of that!

– Jennifer Gage Alliance Dance Company Artistic Director


DAVED BECK  was significantly involved in helping me to overcome a health challenge that I was facing. Daved is a terrific person and definitely an asset to our world!  Bless you, Daved!

– Karen Ochwat Orland Park, IL


I had listened to him helping others during a call in TV show.  Their responses were very positive and thankful.  I was so impressed that I had a reading in person myself.  I also was amazed at how accurate and transformative the reading was.  Daved Beck helped me
immediately to see what I needed to do to move forward.  I felt inspired and transformed by the insight and passion revealed to me. DAVED BECK is AMAZING!!!

– Stephanie Rahner


I would just like to let you know that in the last year, I have had 2 readings with Daved Beck, and I feel he is by far one of the best psychics I have ever met. I am extremely selective when it comes to this sort of experience, and I would have to say he has allowed me to see many things with great clarity. I would never go to another .He will be a great asset to your organization. Blessings.

– Joe Alexander


Recently, I am writing you from Toronto, Canada.  Recently, I have had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Psychic Daved Beck. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by his reading.  Although, I have had numerous readings from other psychics previously over the years, Daved’s reading was “spot on”.  Although, this reading was via SKYPE, the energy which was felt from Daved was almost tangible.  I must admit that I am not the easiest person to read as I purposely put my guard up as I don’t like to open myself up to receiving some information. During this reading, he touched upon things that absolutely nobody else would know.  There was even information that he touched upon which I was not ready to address.  He doesn’t know it but he said something to me (or rather said he felt something around me) as soon as he said it, I denied it and changed the subject as I knew exactly what he was talking about. I look forward to having an in-depth reading from Daved as he proved himself to be truly gifted.  I plan on using his services many times over the next year!

– Nelia Revoredo-DiBiase
Toronto, Ontario


I am writing to you to testify and witness Daved Beck’s intuitive and psychic abilities.  Whilst I am not a firm believer in any one person’s psychic abilities, I am open to the possibilities.  My first contact with Daved was on a Blog Talk radio program, where, owning to some technical issues, he was only connected by mobile phone and I was only connected in the chat room. When I asked a question in chat, and the host read my question, he actually answered the question that I meant to post in chat, not the question that I had asked! I nearly jumped out of my skin, especially given the weak link of the connection–I live outside the US and we were only connected via the internet chat room and the host of the program.  When the host asked me if I wanted to ask another question and to call in, Daved was already answering my questions! I was totally blown away by his ability to receive the question, however unclear, and provide answers and he picked up on a past relationship issue that I thought I had put to bed.  His gift to zero in on that issue has caused me to sit with it, and to finally come to terms with what-was, and move on in my life. He also knew that I had just received my first Reiki attunements–something I had only told four close friends! Last night I had the opportunity to have what I playfully suggested was going to be a laser reading with Daved.  Again, I was totally blown away by Daved’s psychic, intuitive gifts, along with his loving, kind, compassion.  I won’t go into the personal details of the session, but all resonated incredibly well, so well that I became incredibly emotional in a good, enlightened way and I know now that I am my right path.  He truly is gifted and he is sharing his gift and supporting people in their quest for clarity in and on their life’s journeys and discovery of purpose. I highly, highly recommend Daved Beck!

– With all the best, Gregory Gibbs


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